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Our strength lies in delivering solutions that exceed the expectations of the clients and our objective is to maintain this standard that is why our core values are:            Client Centricity, Pure Meritocracy and Unyielding Integrity.

  1. Engineering: New technology IN EXECUTING project and funding Our Engineering team is cantered, where superior technology meets creativity to optimize the performance of your business ideal in the global market which focuses on business design development for the investors / partners in Engineering and these also constitute Engineering System of Funding our projects.
  2. Consultancy: Agreement with Government or any authority.These promote trade and investment in Africa and reduce the cost of doing business by helping investors/ partners militate against risk. So Oseco is ready to turn your risk into opportunity by providing Insurance and financial guidance to investor/partners, in partnership with the government and authority for investment friendly.
  3. Oil & Gas: Successful Policies for Investment in OIL AND GAS.This covers the unfair calling of advance payment bonds, performance bonds, warranty bonds, maintenance bonds, retention bonds or customs bonds etc., issued in support of the supply of goods or services in the oil sector by a buyer or buyer’s bank, arising from defined transaction events. This cover can safeguard investors / partners in working with our logistics provider to have a successful delivery.
  4. Agriculture: 25,000 hectare of Palm oil Plantation in kwara state Nigeria. This plantation is been develop in Kwara State and it will be a privileged to be able to live and work in Africa as an investor or its partnership member. This close proximity provides a special advantage point from which to understand the challenges faced by Africa countries in the region and to tailor solutions for each individual situation. These collaborative working relationships will lead to a stronger partnership built on trust and commitment to shared trade and investment objectives within each African Member State.
  5. Import & Export: Prepare for market in all goods and services.

We do the business of importers and exporters, general merchants, wholesalers, dealers, industrialists, distributors and suppliers of general contractor in all types of consumer goods. Also import chemicals, chemical raw materials and other things capable of being for the purpose of the company to establish and maintain road transport lines and systems, shipping and shipping lines.

We therefore call on investors / partner to join us in preparing for market all goods and services within and outside Africa.