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Successful policies and interventions are likely to address multiple dimensions of this oil sector. So the company has per take in program needed to focus on retention and motivation of customers in this sector as well as recruitment of workers.

Within the oil sector our company recent innovations mean that there are multiple avenues through which success can be achieved.

We believe that oil fields can be developed in a safe and environmentally friendly way using advanced technology and fresh ideas. Our experience continues to lead us to new horizons where there is not only natural beauty but also bountiful resources for tomorrow’s energy needs

At OSECO oil & gas we are proud of our role in helping to meet the increasing demand for energy in the world as an independent oil and gas company.

OSECO believes it is possible to produce oil and gas thoughtfully and carefully, protecting the beauty of our natural environment, while still meeting the world’s increasing need for energy.

As the OSEMEIKHIAN & SONS ENGINEERING COMPANY (OSECO) widens its foot print across the world it is becoming ever so important to heed the needs of the young developing nations just beginning to make a place in the industrialized world. Produce oil and gas from fields that larger oil companies may not find technologically or economically feasible to develop.

To purchase,  sell and own royalties in oil and gas lands and leases, to pay mortgage, notes, taxes, assessment, and other charges that are or may become a lien or change against any lands or lease in which this company may have a royal interest.

To acquire the right through licenses and leases, to avail itself of petroleum substances, such as crude oil, natural gas, ozokerite, etc. and prospecting, drilling, piping pumping, storing, refining and selling both at wholesale and retail of the aforesaid petroleum substance and refined petroleum products. The buying otherwise acquiring selling and otherwise disposing of any and all real estate and personal property for use in the business of the company, the construction of any and all building required in carrying on the business of the company, and acting as agents for holders of oil land and the receiving and disbursement of funds to be used in drilling for a common benefit of the land holder, the doing of any and every act or thing, proper, necessary and incidental to the general purpose of this company.